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portraits that

commemorate your

growth and journey

About Tasha


I grew up with a passion for photography.  I started photographing garden hoses hanging from tree branches and swans at the local park where I grew up in South Carolina.  Over the years, my passion and interest for photography has transformed with my experiences.  Marine Corps boot camp.  Traveling abroad.  Raising my daughter.  Developing friendships that know no distance.

But, it wasn't until recently that I found who I am as a photographer.  Impassioned by those who are willing to open a window into their life for me and my camera.

I believe a portrait needs to be more than a picture.  A portrait should show us the journey we all take to become who we are.


We often move at a pace that doesn't allow us time to

reflect on the impact our journey makes on our lives. I truly

believe that when we allow ourselves a moment to appreciate
our past and accept our future, we will forever live in the present. Whether you are 

retiring from the military or cherishing those last moments of your child being, well...a child,

having a masterfully executed and retouched portrait will forever be a cherished experience. 

My Philosophy


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