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It seems like last year you could put your thumb in the palm of their hand.  Last month, you were hiking up their droopy tights over their unruly bottoms.  And yesterday, you were pulling grass out of their hair.  These moments pass us by without notice; a blossom caught by a breeze.  And when we try to recognize those moments of growth, it's like staring into the grass for that firefly we know we's hard.

I have a strong appreciation for the delicate time in your child's life when she is no longer experiencing the world as a child, but as young adult.  During this time, he is experiencing so many magnificent moments that are altering the way he sees his world.  Your daughter is on the threshold of when she starts to understand these experiences affect her life, for good and bad.  And this is the moment you stand back as a parent. as a guardian, and let them be...them.

Let us not be afraid of our children growing and understanding the world around us.  Let us not be fearful of our children's inner strengths and independence.  Because, I believe, when we recognize these significant changes, we not only give ourselves the opportunity to reflect and appreciate the effort we made to nurture them, but we give them freedom.  We step out of the sun, no longer casting our shadows, and let them grow.


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